Precious Walls - Composizione 37
Precious Walls / Pareti Preziose by Carla Daturi


Some installations are enhanced by a LED light system, which is a further
innovative element and transforms the installations into light points
that enhance the natural transparency of the material used and give the
environment a particular splendour and a soft captivating atmosphere.

Precious Walls - Composizione 31
Precious Walls - Composizione 16
Precious Walls - Composizione 34
Precious Walls - Composizione 43

Original and novel compositions designed to customize
any environment, both public or private, to make it unique
and precious. The intelligent use of materials surpasses
the simple decorative style of mosaic and the compositions
become an integral and connotative part of the environment.

Precious Walls
Precious Walls - Composizione 5

Carla Daturi creates abstract compositions by using minerals, semi-precious stones, shells, marble and glass. She mainly creates her walls using a mosaic technique. Carla creations are available across many cities in the United Arab Emirates. If you are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in Qatar City you can contact Carla directly. She will be extremely happy to assist you and your interior design projects in the United Arab Emirates.