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Precious Walls / Pareti Preziose by Carla Daturi

Precious walls

PRECIOUS WALLS was founded from the artistic research of Carla Daturi. This a contemporary reworking of the ancient art of mosaic. It wants to creates a union between the reality of natural materials, endowed with a fascinating intrinsic beauty and the abstract of conceptual composition.

The works, which alternate between regular and asymmetric rhythms, meet the aesthetic requirements both as structural elements. It is possible to realize backlit walls, tables and doors. Compositions are unique artistic pieces that can be customised in both dimensions and colours, according to the needs of the client.
For sourcing and cutting of the stones, often rare, Carla Daturi collaborates with the company Didoni, a leader in the sector for decades.
For the realization of custom-made light works, she collaborates with LUX Italia, a manufacturer of LED panels par excellence.

Carla Daturi biography

Biologist and teacher, motivated by passion Carla attended drawing courses at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Brera (Milan) and Trompe-oeil courses at the Scuole Civiche del Comune di Milano.

She started with oil on canvas paintings, often drawing inspiration from archeological subjects to develop line, form and volume studies. These pieces are typically monochromatic to emphasize the forms and their harmony, without multiple colours distracting us from perceiving the underlying motifs.

Carla now produces abstract art, having left conventional painting and colours behind to experiment with a novel and original technique, using mineral and natural materials. Semiprecious Stones, Marble, Gold Leaf Venetian Glass Tiles, Mother of Pearl, Fossils and Shells are the building elements of works that, despite being inspired by classical mosaic tradition, constitute its rebirth in a contemporary and deeply personal way. Stark contrasts between colours, glossy and opaque elements and the varying depth height of the materials inspire and induce a three-dimensional movement of the surface of the artworks, generating a new art form, in between a painting and a sculpture.

The composition rhythm alternates voids and filled spaces, symmetries and asymmetries and creates a visual musicality. Natural evolution of this play on the senses and geometry was the addition of backlight LED, which emphasize the luminosity of crystals and stones. The light passes through the facets of stone and crystals harmonizing the compositions even more and amplifying the “visual musicality”.