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The semi-precious stones and crystals, which create the amazing beauty of Precious Walls, can be turned into original and innovative light installations. Minerals can be set on Plexiglas and mounted on LED Panels (provided by the famous and expert Italian Company named LuxItalia), which provide light installation fixtures. The backlight reveals and enhances the fascinating characteristics of the semi-precious stones: colors, transparencies, shades.



Main features

  • High efficiency lightguide
  • Panel lifetime over 100,000 hours
  • Cold white, natural and warm white and Full color light available
  • Perfect light distribution total light uniformity on whole panel area (C > 85%)
  • Total absence of maintenance during entire lifetime
  • Slim depth design, max. 15 mm
  • Weight reduction

Technical specs

  • Max. overall single panel size: 2300 mm x 1000 mm (HxW)
  • Panel thickness: 15 mm, upper and lower edge 22 mm
  • Power consumption: up to 120W/linear meter
  • Light Intensity: 2200 lux on panel surface (White)/900 lux (RGB)
  • Uniformity: +/- 8% on whole panel area
  • LED lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Weight: 23.2 kg / m²
  • LED Type: Cold white, Natural white, Warm white, RGB


Precious Walls light installations are particularly suitable for prestigious restaurant layouts, for refined and innovative environments as well as for Bars and Wellness Centers.  Lighting can be used as follows:

  • Applique
  • Portions of wall
  • Walls
  • Table tops
  • Desks
  • Ceiling

These elements are particularly fine for 

  • SPA lighting design
  • SPA luminous furniture
  • Wellness center lighting ideas
  • Restaurant interior design
  • Restaurant layout
  • Restaurant interior
  • Food court design
  • Bar counter design


Precious Walls allow spaces and architectural features to be embellished in a unique composition of minerals, semi-precious stones, sea-shells and marble.


Precious Walls light installations can be used as a distinctive and qualitative element for boat interiors, a new prestigious installation lighting idea for both cruise ships and private boats. 

Precious Walls help to satisfy the needs of luxury yacht interiors, and represent an innovative and original way for lighting solutions. Semi-precious stones and crystals are transformed into light fittings and contribute to the creation of an exclusive refined environment.


Precious Walls represent a new and precious solution to standard lighting as it allows you to create a distinctive atmosphere even in the interior design of prestigious offices, banks or private homes, Precious Walls can be mixed-used as wall lighting with standard lighting of furnishing accessories. From the lighting of a peninsula in the kitchen, to the entrance hall, from a corridor to the bedroom, each environment is surrounded by atmosphere and beauty, for true dream home interiors.